Planetary Mixers

Mixer supplied with beater, whisk and dough hook.

Specially designed for workshop, bakery, industrial pizza, etc.
  • Manual bowl safety guard.
  • Lever-operated bowl lift.
  • Double micro-switches to bowl and guard.
  • Supplied with bowl, beater, whisk and dough hook.
    • Dough hook for heavy dough: to obtain dough for bread, pastry, pizza, croissant, cookies.
    • Beater for soft dough: for mixtures to obtain cream, genovese, etc.
    • Balloon whisk for preparing egg whites (soufflet, meringue, …), sauces (mayonnaise,…), etc.

  • Stainless steel bowl.
  • Easy to clean.
  • BM-5 / BM-5E 
    • Table-top model.
    • Continuously variable speed control.
    • BM-5: for intense work.
    • BM-5E: universal motor.
  • BE-10/20/40 
    • Sammic BE food mixers are equipped with powerful three-phase motors controlled by highly reliable electronic speed variator technology which enables the mixers to be connected to a single-phase electrical mains supply.
    • BE-10: model suitable for installation on a table.
    • BE-20/40: freestanding models.
    • 0-30 minute electronic timer and continuous operation option. Acoustic alarm at end of cycle.
    • Electronic speed control.
    • Safety indicator.
    • Combined models available in the whole BE range.
    • Easy access to the attachment drive at the front.
    • Available attachments: meat mincer, vegetable preparation attachment, and masher (Page 31).
    • Reinforced water proof system.
    • Stainless steel legs. Optional stainless steel column for BE-20 model.
    • Strong and resistant bowl.
    • Easy to maintain and repair.
    • Optional accessory for BE-20: 10-litre reduction equipment (bowl + tools).
    • Optional accessory for BE-30: 10-litre reduction equipment (bowl + tools).
    • Optional accessory for BE-40: 20-litre reduction equipment (bowl + tools).
    • NSF-listed, Standard 8 compliant.
comparison table  ( Yes   Optional   — No )
BM-5E BM-5 BE-10 BE-20 BE-30 BE-40
Selection guide
Boiler capacity 5l 5l 10l 20l 30l 40l
Capacity in flour (60% water) 1Kg 1.5Kg 3Kg 6Kg 9Kg 12Kg
Timer (min-max) -- - --' -- - --' 0 - 30' 0 - 30' 0 - 30' 0 - 30'
External dimensions 310 x 382 x 537mm 310 x 382 x 537mm 410 x 523 x 688mm 520 x 733 x 1152mm 528 x 764 x 1152mm 586 x 777 x 1202mm
Net weight 14Kg 15.8Kg 44Kg 89Kg 105Kg 124Kg
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