Brushless technology: Features and benefits Optimum performance at any speed

This technology literally means that the motors are brushless.

For practical purposes, brushless technology offers a range of benefits.

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Optimal performance

Maximum efficiency:

Brushless motors maintain the torque across the range of speeds, obtaining maximum efficiency at all times.

Eco friendly

Thanks to the high efficiency of brushless motors, energy consumption is lower.

Optimal control:

With the exclusive "Force Control System" of the Sammic veg prep machines, the force exerted by the motor is displayed on the screen at all times. An acoustic warning can also be programmed to sound when the machine exceeds the force preset by the user. So the optimal force is applied at all times to obtain the best quality cut in each product. This is achieved by standardising processes and obtaining an optimum cut that is uniform and with no shrinkage.

Extra durability

Improved watertightness

Since they don't require ventilation, the ventilation grids on the housing or base of the machines are dispensed with, improving the seal on the machines and thus their durability. 

Compact motors

Less weight: 

Brushless motors are more compact and weigh less than asynchronous motors, significantly reducing the weight of the machine equipped with this technology. The weight of brushless appliances is reduced by up to 20% compared to previous models.

Compact size

Brushless motors occupy less space than conventional brushes, which means that machines can be manufactured that offer the highest performance in the minimum of space. In this case, the brushless technology models are 22 mm smaller in height with respect to the previous equivalent models.

Better acoustic environment

Silent operation

Brushless motors are smoother and quieter than conventional motors, which translates into a sensitive environmental improvement in the workplace (from 72 to 63 dbA).

Commercial Vegetable Preparation Machines

Commercial Vegetable Preparation Machines

The Perfect Cut, by Sammic: Quality, productivity, ergonomics.

Vegetable processors with an hourly output of up to 1000 Kg.

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  • Hourly production
500 Kg Vegetable preparation machine CA-3V Commercial vegetable preparation machine. Production up to 500 kg/hour.
650 Kg Vegetable preparation machine CA-4V High-production Commercial vegetable preparation machine, up to 650 kg/h.
Food Processor / Veg Prep Combi Machines

Food Processor / Veg Prep Combi Machines

The Perfect Cut, with many possibilities.

It consists of a variable speed motor block with a regular or large capacity hopper and a cutter-mixer bowl complete with a hub with serrated blades.

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Combi CK-35V 2 in 1: vegetable cutter (450 kg/h) + cutter with 5.5 lt bowl
Combi CK-38V 2 in 1: vegetable cutter (450 kg/h) + cutter with 8 litre bowl
Combi CK-45V 2 in 1: high capacity vegetable cutter (650 kg/h) + cutter with 5.5 litre bowl
Combi CK-48V 2 in 1: high capacity vegetable cutter (650 kg/h) + cutter with 8 litre bowl
Cutter-Mixers & Emulsifiers

Cutter-Mixers & Emulsifiers

Commercial Food Processors for the professional kitchen.

Our bowl cutter can chop, mash, knead, emulsify any product in seconds: vegetables and herbs, different types of dough, raw or cooked meat, fish, fruit, nuts, ice, hummus, etc.

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  • Bowl capacity
5.5 l Food-Processor - Emulsifier KE-5V Bowl capacity: 5.5 lt. Variable speed.
8 l Food-Processor - Emulsifier KE-8V Bowl capacity: 8 lt. Variable speed.

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