Cutting guide Different cutting types on video

On this page, we offer you a guide to the different cutting types that you can carry out using our vegetable preparation machines. In a few videos, we’ll show you the results that you can achieve using the FCFC-DFCCFCOFCESH and FR discs.

FC / FC-D Discs For cutting slices

FC-1+   1mm 1/32"
FC-2+   2mm 5/64"
FC-3+ FC-3D 3mm 1/8"
FC-6+ FC-6D 6mm 1/4"

 Slices of...

Aubergine FC-10+ FC-10D 10mm 3/8"
Courgette FC-10+ FC-10D 10mm 3/8"
Potato FC-10+ FC-10D 10mm 3/8"
Broccoli FC-10+ FC-10D 10mm 3/8"

Cubes FC Discs with FMC grids

FC-8+ & FMC-8+  FC-8D & FMC-8D 8x8mm 5/16"x5/16"
FC-10+ & FMC-10+  FC-10D & FMC-10D 10x10mm 3/8"x3/8"
FC-14+ & FMC-14+  FC-14D & FMC-14D 14x14mm 15/32"x15/32"
FC-3+ & FMC-14+  FC-3D & FMC-14D 3x14mm 1/8"x15/32"
FC-6+ & FMC-14+  FC-6D & FMC-14D 6x14mm 1/4"x15/32"
FC-3+ & FMC-20+  FC-3D & FMC-20+ 3x20mm 1/8"x3/4"
FC-20+ & FMC-20+   20x20mm 3/4"x3/4"
FC-25+ & FMC-25+   25x25mm 1"x1"

Cubes of...

Tomato FMC-10+ &FC-10+ FMC-10D &FC-10D 10mmx10mm 3/8"x3/8"
Yellow Onion FMC-10+ &FC-10+ FMC-10D &FC-10D 10mmx10mm 3/8"x3/8"
Courgette FMC-10+ &FC-10+ FMC-10D &FC-10D 10mmx10mm 3/8"x3/8"
Potatoes FMC-10+ &FC-10+ FMC-10D &FC-10D 10mmx10mm 3/8"x3/8"
Celery FMC-10+ &FC-10+ FMC-10D &FC-10D 10mmx10mm 3/8"x3/8"
Onion FMC-10+ &FC-10+ FMC-10D &FC-10D 10mmx10mm 3/8"x3/8"
Courgette strips FC-10+ & FMC-8+ FC-10D & FMC-8D 10mmx8mm 3/8"x5/16"
Potatoes for omelettes FC-10+ & FMC-8+ FC-10D & FMC-8D 10mmx8mm 3/8"x5/16"
Peppers FMC-10+ &FC-10+ FMC-10D &FC-10D 10mmx10mm 3/8"x3/8"

FC discs and FFC grids French Fries

FC-8+ & FFC-8+ FC-8D & FFC-8+ 8x8mm 5/16"
FC-10+ & FFC-10+ FC-10D & FFC-10+ 10x10mm 3/8"

FCC discs For cutting slices of soft products

FCC-2+ 2mm 5/64"
FCC-3+ 3mm 1/8"
FCC-5+ 5mm 3/16"

Curved slices of...

Tomato FCC-5+ 5mm 3/16"
Onion FCC-5+ 5mm 3/16"
Lettuce FCC-5+ 5mm 3/16"
Beetroot FCC-5+ 5mm 3/16"
Carrot FCC-5+ 5mm 3/16"

FCO discs For cutting wavy slices

FCO-2+ 2mm 5/64"
FCO-3+ 3mm 1/8"
FCO-6+ 6mm 1/4"

FCE discs For cutting potatoes into “matchsticks” or french fries

FCE-2+ 2mm 5/64"
FCE-4+ 4mm 5/32"
FCE-8+ 8mm 5/16"

Strips of...

Broccoli FCE-2+ 2mm 5/64"
Courgette FCE-2+ 2mm 5/64"
Carrot FCE-2+ 2mm 5/64"
Potato FCE-2+ 2mm 5/64"
Cabbage FCE-4+ 4mm 5/32"
Pumpkin FCE-4+ 4mm 5/32"

Cutting peppers with FCE discs

FCE-2+ 2mm 5/64"
FCE-4+ 4mm 5/32"
FCE-8+ 8mm 5/16"

FR/SH discs Grater discs

FR-1+ SHF 1mm 1/32"
FR-2+ SH-2 2mm 5/64"
FR-3+ SH-3 3mm 1/8"
FR-4+ SH-4 4mm 5/32"
FR-7+ SH-7 7mm 9/32"
FR-8+ SHG 8mm 5/16"


Cheddar cheese FR-7 SH-7 7mm 9/32"
Edam cheese FR-4 SH-4 4mm 5/32"
Parmesan and Emmental cheese FR-3 SH-3 3mm 1/8"

Cutting guide for...


FR-7 / SH-7 7 mm disc for shredding Cheese
FCC-3 3 mm disc for slicing Onion, Mushrooms, zuzzhini...
FCC-5 5 mm disc for slicing Tomato, Aubergine...

Fresh French Fries

French fries Combination of 10 mm disc and grid FC-10D + FFC-10D
"Patatas bravas" Combination of 20 mm cube disc and grid FC-20+ + FMC-20D


"Pico de gallo" Combination of 8 mm cube disc and grid FC-8D + FMC-8D
Coleslaw Disc for grating vegetables of different thickness Discs FR / SH

Potatoes purée with the potato masher kit

Potato Masher Kit FP+

This accessory is used on vegetable preparation machines and combi machines and must be used in conjunction with a cutter disc. 

Grid cleaning

Grid cleaner Kit: Efficent, quick and safe

Quick Cleaner has been designed for an efficient, quick and safe grid cleaning operation. The kit consists of a grid holder and specific cleaners for each grid size and is available for 8x8mm and 10x10mm dicing grids.


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