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SmartVide XL + 120P: High production retherming and cooking station Serve up to 200 portions of 200 gr per hour

Sous vide is widely known for precise time/temperature controlled cooking, but it has always been restricted to a small amount of servings. Until now! Operators can now serve hundreds of portions with the same precision as a typical countertop sous vide tank.

SmartVide XL + 120P heated tank

The SmartVide XL cooker and 120P Precision Rethermalizer Tank are designed to help foodservice professionals with productivity, menu versatility and culinary quality. 

SmartVide XL cooker and 120P Precision Rethermalizer Tank, recognized in the prestigious 2023 Kitchen Innovations Awards, allows operators to serve up to 200 portions of 200 gr per hour while maintaining the same precision as a typical countertop sous vide tank. This system also offers menu versatility, as multiple dishes can be rethermed simultaneously in the same bath while guaranteeing culinary quality by preserving the texture and flavor of the food. Additionally, the system's highly precise temperature control along with the Janby Track system ensure consistent results, while automating the HACCP reports that are gathered centrally in the JANBY Cloud.

 kW  Water capacity  External dimensions (WxDxH)
 5.6 kW  120 liters  739mm x 582mm x 851 - 899mm

Why should I use it?

  • Production

    Up to 200
    servings of 200 gr per hour.

  • Menu versatility

    Several meals can be
    retherming simultaneously
    in the same bath.

  • Culinary quality

    Preserves quality of
    the product and enhances
    flavor and texture.

  • Precision

    To obtain extremely
    consistent results.

  • Easy HACCP control

    Allowing to export
    or print results of each cycle.

  • Janby Ready

    Control cooking & retherming
    times of each product

Immersion circulator SmartVide XL

Commercial high-precision sous-vide cooker. Reliable, user-friendly and portable.

With a 5" touch screen and Wi-Fi and Wireless connectivity, the SmartVide XL completes the family of Sammic sous-vide cookers. It is designed to work in container of up to 120 liters, which translates into 200 portions of 200g* each time.

* Maximum capacity for long cooking and temperature maintenance. This capacity may vary depending on the cooking or regeneration requirements.

120P heated tank

Connected to and controlled by SmartVide XL to reach the set temperature 2 times faster.

This heated tank is specially useful for cooking or retherming very cold or frozen products. The tank volume is completely free of components with rounded corners to prevent the accumulation of dirt and facilitate cleaning. It comes with faucet for water fill, drain valve, adjustable legs and is connected to SmartVide XL. 

Optionally, users can acquire stainless steel baskets to organize the products inside the tank.

Janby Track-ready

Combine your Sammic equipment with Janby Track and digitalize the retherming process

Keep track of each batch and be able to offer a superior dining experience and standardized service while automating the food safety requirements.

A unique value proposition

  • Improve the food offer and increase the value perceived.
  • Automate HACCP reports and ensure food safety.
  • Reduce labor needs in the kitchen.
  • Data-driven decision making.

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