Small kitchens Equipment for bars and restaurants with small kitchens.

A selection of dynamic preparation and conservation products especially useful for establishments with small kitchens, due to their functionality and their small size. 

Is the kitchen space in your bar limited?

Is the kitchen in your restaurant, bar or cafeteria small and you don't know what machinery to buy? Sammic knows that your customers are very demanding and that you have a lot to offer. That's why we want to help you to equip your kitchen.

Discover Sammic's range and space will no longer be an issue

From shredders, cutters, peelers etc. to vacuum packers and sous-vide SmartVide cookers. Sammic offers multifunctional products with small dimensions so you can do magic with them.

Commercial Hand Blenders

Commercial Hand Blenders

The Widest range of Commercial Immersion Blenders and Mixers

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  • Liquidising arm length
290 mm Hand mixer & blender combo TR/BM-270 Specially designed to be used in up to 15 lt./16 qt. bowls

Food Processor / Veg Prep Combi Machines

The Perfect Cut, with many possibilities.

It consists of a variable speed motor block with a regular or large capacity hopper and a cutter-mixer bowl complete with a hub with serrated blades.

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Combi CK-301 2 in 1: veg prep machine (450 kg/h) with 5 lt. / 5 1/4 qt. cutter bowl
Commercial Potato Peelers

Commercial Potato Peelers

Potato Rumbler Machines. Up to 30 Kg. loading capacity per cycle

Commercial Potato Peeler Machines. Also useful to peel carrots and similar products. Available in aluminium or stainless steel.

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  • Hourly production
100 Kg Potato Peeler M-5 5 Kg. / 11 pounds load per cycle.
300 Kg Peeler & Salad dryer PES-20 2 in 1: potato peeler & salad dryer
Hand operated Potato Chipping Machine

Hand operated Potato Chipping Machine

Professional hand chipping machine, designed to produce chips of different sizes within seconds.

Ideal for restaurants and large kitchens, caters for 100-150 Kg/hr production.

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Potato Chipping Machine CF-5 Ideal to make perfect french fries for restaurants and large kitchens.
Planetary mixers

Planetary mixers

Mixer supplied with beater, whisk and dough hook

Specially designed for workshop, bakery, industrial pizza, etc.

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  • Bowl capacity
5 l Planetary mixer BM-5 Table-top model with 5-lt. / qt. bowl.
Vacuum packing machines -

Vacuum packing machines - "Sensor" line

SE line. Vacuum controlled by a highly precise sensor.

The Sammic SE line of vacuum packing machines incorporates a new control panel that uses a single program to adjust the vacuum percentage and includes an option to program up to 10 seconds of vacuum "plus".

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  • Pump capacity
4 m3/h Vacuum Sealer SE-204 Tabletop model. 4 m³/h. 280 mm.
10 m3/h Vacuum Sealer SE-310 Tabletop model. 10 m³/h. 320 mm.
20 m3/h Vacuum Sealer SE-420 Tabletop model. 20 m³/h. 420 mm.
Vacuum packing machines -

Vacuum packing machines - "Sensor Ultra" line

SU line. Vacuum controlled by sensor with widest range of options.

The Sammic SU range of vacuum packing machines features vacuum control by sensor with the display of all the vacuum programme values on a 3.9" LCD colour screen.

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  • Bar length
320 mm Vacuum Sealer SU-316 Tabletop model. 16 m³/h. 320 mm.
420 mm Vacuum Sealer SU-416 Tabletop model. 16 m³/h. 420 mm.
Sous-vide cookers

Sous-vide cookers

Commercial precision cooker to get the best products.

Temperature-controlled sous-vide cooking has become an indispensable technique for any kitchen that follows the latest trends. More than a fashion, it is a cooking technique that gains respect for both its advantages related to product quality and the economic and organisational benefits that it brings to the commercial kitchen.

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  • Maximum recipient capacity
56 l Immersion Circulator SmartVide 8 Plus Max. capacity: 56 lt./14 gal. Bluetooth connectivity for HACCP.
56 l Immersion Circulator SmartVide 8 Max. capacity: 56 lt./14 gal.
56 l Immersion Circulator SmartVide 6 Max. capacity: 56 lt./14 gal.
28 l Immersion Circulator SmartVide 4 Max. capacity: 28 lt./ 7 gal.

We offer customised solutions for our most demanding users in Catering and Hotel, Licensed Trade and Food Industries since 1961.

We are a world leader manufacturer of Quality Ware Washing and Dynamic Food Preparation Equipment.

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