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At Sammic, we are close to the needs of our hospitals, healthcare facilities, care homes, rehabilitation centres and nurseries where the demand for perfect hygiene is accentuated. There are also special requirements related to dysphagia and textures, with the fragile health of diners requiring special emphasis on nutrition and hygiene. 

Sammic's innovative offer aims to satisfy the requirements of the sector, helping to improve diners' experiences. 

Sammic Healthcare Solutions: solutions for specific needs

Dysphagia and IDDSI standards

The International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative (IDDSI) was created in 2013 with the aim of developing new terminology and standardised global definitions describing texture-modified foods and thickened beverages used for dysphagic individuals of all ages, health environments and cultures. The IDDSI framework identifies 8 levels. 

The range of Sammic solutions for a perfect texture consists of blenders, turbo-blenders, cutters, veg-prep and food processors, jug blenders and juicers.

Processing fresh products: optimal retention of nutrients and vitamins 

Of course, a balanced diet which covers all requirements for vitamins and nutrients is always important, but this need is accentuated in health centres, where patients/diners are more fragile.

Vegetable cutters, veg prep and food processors and salad drainers are an essential part of Sammic's solution for processing fresh produce. 

Maximum food safety thanks to low-touch, hygienic cooking

Sous-vide cooking allows workflow that drastically reduces the direct contact with operators and the food. Many food purveyors offer sous-vide ready proteins individually packaged to minimizing the risk of food contamination during the cooking or rethermalizing process.

Moreover, the product identification method provided by the labeling system in Sammic vacuum sealers allows for organized preparation and storage with easy identification of special diet portions. 

Sammic manufactures commercial immersion circulators as well as vacuum packing machines with direct connection to a label printer for hygienic cooking, storage and re-thermalization.

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Number of beds


5-25 beds

25-50 beds 50+ beds
Dysphagia: texture Immersion blenders MB-21 MB-31 MB-51
XM-21/22 XM-31/32/33 XM-51/52/71/72
Turbo Blenders     TRX-22
Cutters/ emulsifiers   KE-5V KE-8V
Veg prep and food processor    CK-35V CK-38V / CK-48V
 Jug blender TB-1500 TB-2000 TB-2000
 Multi-juicer LI-240 LI-240 LI-240
Processing fresh products: nutrients Veg prep and food processor    CK-35V CK-38V / CK-48V
Vegetable slicers CA-31 / CA-3V CA-31 / CA-3V CA-41 / CA-4V
Salad driers   ES-100 ES-200
Hygienic low-contact cooking Immersion circulators SmartVide 5 SmartVide 7 SmartVide 9
Special diets  Vacuum packers SU-316P SU-416P / SU-420P SU-520P y superiorres
Blast chillers AB-3 / AB-5 AB-5 / AB-10 AB-10 y superiores
Sanitising dishes Dishwashers  X-61 / S-61 X-61 / S-61 / X-100C / S-100C X-120C / S-120C
SRC-1800 y superiores
Cutlery dryer-polishers SAM-3001 SAS-5001 SAS-6001
Knife steriliser EC-30 EC-30 EC-30

NSF-listed: safety and hygiene are guaranteed

Approved by NSF

Most of the devices suggested on this website are approved by NSF. You can see the list of Sammic devices approved by NSF here


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