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AX-UX: Glasswashers & Dishwashers A new family for a new era

Sammic presents a new family of Ware Washing machines to meet the challenges of a new era. It offers the latest washing technologies that are simple and intuitive to use. A new flexible and customisable design to meet the expectations of a wide range of professionals. Guaranteeing the performance and reliability that have characterised Sammic dishwashers for over 50 years.

A family with values

The new generation of Sammic dishwashers is based on key design principles to provide an advanced user experience.

  • Washing efficiency

  • Hygiene and ergonomics

  • Reliability

  • Resource efficiency

One core, two ranges

Washing efficiency, reliability, hygiene, ergonomics, optimised consumption... these are the technical attributes that every professional needs. That's why Sammic is offering two ranges of dishwashers based on a common core.

To add to this core, each professional chooses the control panel and equipment that best suits their working needs.




 - A simple, user-friendly control panel.  - Unique user experience thanks to its colour LCD panel.  - Unique user experience thanks to its colour LCD panel.


- Standard versions. - Standard versions with some options.  - Customisable with a long list of options.


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