Pass-Through Dishwashers

Designed for comfortable operation thanks to front or side loading

Washing efficiency, reliability, hygiene, ergonomics, optimised consumption... these are the technical attributes that every professional needs. That's why Sammic is offering two ranges of dishwashers based on a common core.

Sani-Control guarantee

  • GUARANTEED DISINFECTION in compliance with standard DIN 10534.
  • THERMAL LOCK function: Ensures that rinsing will be carried out at the ideal temperature to disinfect the dishes.

Deep drawn tanks

  • Ergonomic design with rounded corners to prevent the accumulation of dirt and facilitate cleaning.
  • Compact tank volume (50% water saving compared to the previous range).

Hydroblade™ washing arms

  • Redesigned nozzles for greater washing performance.
  • The "monoblock" design delivers durability and resistance to impacts.
  • 30% savings in water consumption during rinsing compared to the previous range.

3-stage filter system: surface, tank and extraction

  • Keeps the washing water in optimal conditions to maintain constant washing performance.

Designed to last

  • "Flow" opening mechanism: allows the hood to be raised with less effort.
  • High load capacity 43 cm: suitable for GN 1/1 and Euronorm.
  • Stainless steel surface filters for greater stability and resistance during intensive use.

You will never WASH ALONE

  • Tech-Services: our team of technicians will help you so that your machine is always ready for use.
  • Design Services: tell us what your needs are and we will advise you.
  • 60 years of experience and know-how at your disposal.

High performance, without complications

  • Simple and user-friendly control.
  • Intuitive feedback using icons.
  • Dedicated cycles: selection of the ideal wash programme using icons. The duration of the cycle is adapted according to the type of item to be washed.
  • Electronic control panel with IP65 humidity protection.

The Premium washing experience, by Sammic

  • Soft start: progressive start-up of the washing pump to protect fragile items.
  • Colour LCD Display: intuitive communication of the machine status by means of messages, colour codes and icons.
  • Dedicated cycles: selection of the ideal washing programme using icons.
  • Adaptable: allows the main parameters of the machine to be adjusted to the needs of each user.
  • Dosage control from control board by authorised personnel.
  • Temperature display.
  • Wash Plus+ function: increases the intensity of the wash cycle for greater cleaning performance.
  • Control panel with IP65 humidity protection.
  • Your machine, tailor-made for you: List of options.
  •  Energy-saving function: Temperature-reduction and electricity consumption saving during periods of temporary inactivity of the machine (25 '). Machine shutdown due to total inactivity (2 h).

B or PROACTIVE PLUS models include extra features:

  • Proactive washing water renewal: 15% of the washing water is renewed after each washing cycle, keeping the washing capacity constant throughout the day.
  • Self-cleaning cycle: the machine performs a self-cleaning cycle at the end of the shift, facilitating maintenance tasks and ensuring the cleaning of the tank.


comparison table  ( Yes   Optional   — No )
AX-100 AX-100BC UX-100 UX-120 UX-120BC UX-120V UX-120CV
Basket dimensions 500 x 500 mm 500 x 500 mm 500 x 500 mm 500 x 500 mm 500 x 500 mm 500 x 500 mm 500 x 500 mm
Maximum glass height 430mm 430mm 430mm 430mm 430mm 430mm 430mm
Rinse pressure pump --
Wash tank capacity 25l 25l 25l 25l 25l 85l 25l
Double skin -- -- --
Rinse temperature display s
Wash temperature display s
Cycles 3 3 6 6 6 6 6
Cycle duration 120 / 180 / 210" 120 / 180 / 210" 60/90/100/150/210" 60/90/100/150/210" 60/90/100/150/210" 60/90/100/150/210" 60/90/100/150/210"
Production baskets/hour 30 / 24 / 17 30 / 24 / 17 60/40/36/24/17 60/40/36/24/17 60/40/36/24/17 60/40/36/24/17 60/40/36/24/17
Pump power 1Hp / 750W 1.0Hp / 750W 1Hp / 750W 1.3Hp / 1000W 1.3Hp / 1000W 1.3Hp / 1000W 1.3Hp / 1000W
Tank 2500W 2500W --W --W 2500W --W 2500W
Boiler 6000W 6000W 7500W --W 7500 / 9000W --W --W
Total loading 6750W 6750W 8250W 8500 / 10000W 8500 / 10000W 8500 / 10000W 8500 / 10000W
External dimensions (WxDxH)
External dimensions (WxDxH) 648 x 756 x 1508 mm 648 x 756 x 1508 mm 648 x 756 x 1510 mm 650 x 755 x 1525 mm 648 x 756 x 1508 mm 650 x 755 x 2035 mm 650 x 755 x 2035 mm
Height (open) 2000mm 2000mm 2000mm 2000mm 2000mm 2035mm 2035mm
Net weight 102Kg 108Kg 102Kg 104Kg 116Kg 125Kg 137Kg
Data with water entry at 55ºC (recommended)
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