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Maximum hygiene and disinfection in washing equipment

February 27, 2023 Español   Français   Italiano   Português   Deutsch  

Hygiene is always a mandatory factor in industrial dishwashers. Cleaning and disinfection of the items to be washed must be ensured. Sammic has been designing and manufacturing professional dishwashers for over 50 years with the aim of ensuring the hygiene of objects treated by their devices and that they can be used without any trace or risk of contamination. Thus, all Sammic equipment complies with the sanitary and temperature regulations that guarantee good sanitation.

All Sammic dishwashers are designed in accordance with the DIN10534 standard (both in the wash and rinse temperatures) to ensure optimal disinfection. In addition, the efficiency of our dishwashers is supported by clinical trials in independent laboratories, such as Tecnalia. Therefore, the Sammic dishwashers, used in good condition and a correct configuration, together with an appropriate product and quantity of detergent, achieve the disinfection of the washed items.

In addition to complying with DIN10534 standards, all models of the Ultra range are equipped with temperature displays for effective HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) control. The rinsing temperature is controlled by the Thermal Lock available on all Active and Ultra models, i.e. It ensures that rinsing is only carried out once the ideal temperature for sanitizing the dishes has been reached.

On the other hand, Sammic guarantees effective disinfection by means of the constant temperature rinsing system, thus complying with the most stringent hygiene standards. It is also the perfect complement for users seeking flawless finishes, since the pressure pump ensures efficient high-pressure rinsing regardless of the pressure and flow of the mains water supply. The constant high-temperature rinsing system also improves the drying speed of the articles, as it delivers a higher thermal inertia. It is equipped with an atmospheric water supply tank (break tank) offering additional insurance, preventing the return flow of the wash water into the network.

Due to the health crisis situation that we are living with COVID-19, we want to highlight our systems and options that further improve the sanitation and disinfection of the washed items, passing the most demanding certifications.

Therefore, by means of this document, Sammic S.L. certifies that the dishwashers of the UX range have a Thermolabel control, a thermal label that guarantees a disinfection process, heating the water to a high temperature to eliminate germs.

Based on tests carried out with the measuring strips, the Thermolabel guarantees the disinfection of the dishes at a temperature of 160 °F (71 °C). The measuring strip loses colour after 4 seconds at a temperature of 71 °C of the washed object. That is, the tank water increases to a high temperature for the elimination of germs and is kept at or above that temperature for at least a few seconds so that the label on the dishwasher indicates that 160 °F (71 °C) has been reached, thus ensuring disinfection of the washed object.

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