Belt Driven Slicers
GCP Meat Slicers  

Belt driven commercial deli meat slicers

Commercial lunch meat & deli slicers for butchers, delicatessen or foodservice.
Sammic GCP belt driven deli slicers are made of special anodised, anticorrosive and hygienic aluminium alloy. All models are equipped with an easy-to-use built-in sharpener. The cutting thickness can be adjusted, guaranteeing a precise cut. Sammic GCP slicers are very easy to clean. [+]

GCP Meat Slicers
Professional belt driven meat slicers

Sammic GCP professional slicers are equipped with ring, carriage lock and blade removal tool. Their heavy duty, ventilated motor guarantees commercial performance. Equipped with blade removal tool. The carriage is mounted on life-lubricated bearings. Easy to clean.

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GCP-250 GCP-275 GCP-300 GCP-350
Blade diameter 250mm 275mm 300mm 350mm
Cutting capacity 190 x 250mm 200 x 250mm 220 x 320mm 240 x 320mm
Slice thickness 0 - 15mm 0 - 15mm 0 - 13mm 0 - 13mm
Carriage run 260mm 260mm 330mm 330mm
Total loading 300W 300W 450W 500W
External dimensions (WxDxH)
Width 580mm 580mm 690mm 710mm
Depth 470mm 470mm 510mm 570mm
Height 370mm 390mm 440mm 470mm
Net weight 18Kg 21Kg 30Kg 30Kg
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