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Commercial meat mincers
PS-12 / 22 / 32 Range   PS-22R / 32R Refrigerated Range  

Sammic meat grinders with an hourly output from 100 to 450 kg.

Commercial meat grinders with different production capacities, voltage and types of cut. Refrigerated mincers available.

Sammic offers 2 ranges of meat mincers

PS-12/22/32: stainless steel body and hopper models with an hourly output ranging from 100 to 425 kg. PS-22/32 are available with different cutting units.

PS-22R/32R: refrigerated table-top meat mincers for maximum hygiene and food safety.


PS-12 / 22 / 32 Range
Commercial meat mincers

Sammic commercial meat mincers are ideal for foodservice, institutions and food retail and offer an hourly output from 100 to 425 kg/h, depending on the model.

With stainless steel body and hopper, the grinder head lock ensures a perfect cut. All models are equipped with ventilated, powerful motors.

PS-12 is a compact model complete with an aluminium grinding head.

PS-22/32 models are equipped with stainless steel cutting unit with the possibility of Unger S-3 system. The motor unit and the cutting group must be ordered separately.

All models are sold with 1 blade and 1 mesh plate.


PS-22R / 32R Refrigerated Range
Refrigerated meat mincers

The highest hygiene in processing in respect of the HACCP methodology; in order to improve the service to the customer. A sturdy, reliable machine. For food stores and catering.

Refrigeration system allows to grind meat without interrupting the cold chain. Thus, the development of bacterial flora is interrupted. The resulting product keeps its taste, colour and nutritional characteristics intact for a longer period of time. The refrigerated meat mincers allow discontinuous use without the need of detaching the cutting unit to clean and store in the refrigerator.

The frame, hopper and mouth are stainless steel (AISI 304) made. The mouth is easily detachable for cleaning purpose. 

The ventilated, powerful motor offers start, stop and reverse function. 

Sammic refrigerated meat mincers comply with all hygiene and safety and all specific regulations.

PS-22R/32R meat mincers are equipped with a low noise sealed compressor using ecological refrigerating gas and with an electronic thermostat for precision temperature control.

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PS-12 PS-22 PS-32 PS-22R PS-32R
Selection guide
Production / hour (max) 100 kg 280 kg 425 kg 250 kg 450 kg
Plate diameter 70 mm 82 mm 98 mm 82 mm 98 mm
Total loading 440 W 740 - 1100 W 1500 W 1100 W 2200 W
External dimensions (W x D x H)
External dimensions (W x D x H) 227 x 470 x 410 mm 310 x 440 x 480 mm 310 x 460 x 480 mm 310 x 438 x 508 mm 325 x 544 x 553 mm
Net weight 17.3 kg 31 kg 33 kg 40 kg 50 kg
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