Commercial Potato Peelers
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Potato Rumbler Machines. Up to 30 Kg. loading capacity per cycle

Commercial Potato Peeler Machines. Also useful to peel carrots and similar products. Available in aluminium or stainless steel.

Abrasive peeling system. The abrasive is highly resistant and long lasting and is food grade. Integral control panel complete with on/off push buttons and a 0-6 minute timer.

Optional extra: stainless steel floor stand and filter with no-foam feature.



Aluminium Commercial Potato Peelers
Aluminium-made Potato Rumbler

PP-PPC commercial potato peelers are made of highly resistant aluminium with chamber walls and base plate lined with a resistant and long lasting abrasive.

The cylinder is orientable and all models include an integral control panel complete with on-off push buttons and a 0-6 minute timer.

PPC models are equipped with an attachment drive to power accessories.


Stainless steel - Compact
Compact stainless steel potato peeler

Sammic compact stainless steel potato peeler is a 5 Kg. capacity rumbler specifically designed for reduced space areas.

Easy to install, it is ideal for placement near a sink for drainage. It can also be equipped with a stainless steel stand with removable filter chamber.

Stainless steel made, its base plate is covered with a resistant and long-lasting peeling abrasive.

The water inlet system is equipped with non-return air break system.

The control panel, complete with a 0-6 minute timer, offers the possibility of continuous use.


Stainless steel - Commercial
Stainless steel construction Potato Peelers

Sammic range of commercial stainless steel potato rumblers consists of models ranging from 10 to 30 Kg. (22 to 66 lbs.) capacity per cycle and are ideal to peel potatoes, carrots and similar products.

Stainless steel made, they offer high capacity and production with silicon carbide abrasive (approved by NSF) lining on lateral stirrers within the chamber. The aluminium base plate is also lined with silicon carbide abrasive (approved by NSF) and is easily detachable for cleaning purposes.

The waterproof control board (IP65) offers improved reliability against moisture and water splash. The 0-6 min. timer and the possibility of continuous operation covers the needs of any professional user.

Auto-drag of waste to the drain and the water inlet system with non-return air break are included in all models.

All PI range potato peelers are equipped with an auxiliary contact for external electric valve and are energy-efficient leading to engine optimisation.

Complete with continuous function and 0-6 minute timer.

All models with removable bottom abrasive plate for easy cleaning.


Stainless Steel - Combi
2 in 1: Commercial potato peeler and salad spinner

PES-20 is a combi machine: potato rumbler and salad dryer. As a potato peeler, its features are similar to PI-20 potato peeler.

PES-20 is complete with a drying basket to work as a salad dryer.

comparison table  ( Yes   Optional   — No )
PP(C)-6+ PP(C)-12+ M-5 PI-10 PI-20 PI-30 PES-20
Selection guide
Covers (from / to) 30 - 150 60 - 200 10 - 80 60 - 200 100 - 300 -- - >200 100 - 300
Capacity per load 6Kg 12Kg 5Kg 10Kg 20Kg 30Kg 20Kg
Production /hour (max) 150Kg 270Kg 100Kg 240Kg 480Kg 720Kg 300Kg
Timer 0-6' 0-6' 0-6' 0-6' 0-6' 0-6' 0-6'
Single Phase 400(PP)/550 (PPC)W 400(PP)/550 (PPC)W 300W 550W 550W 730W 550W
Three phase 370(PP)/550 (PPC)W 370(PP)/550 (PPC)W --W 370W 550W 730W 550W
External dimensions (WxDxH)
External dimensions (WxDxH) 395 x 700 x 433mm 395 x 700 x 503mm 333 x 367 x 490mm 435 x 635 x 668mm 433 x 635 x 786mm 622 x 760 x 1002mm 433 x 635 x 786mm
External dimensions with stand 411 x 700 x 945mm 411 x 700 x 1015mm 425 x 555 x 965mm 433 x 638 x 1040mm 433 x 638 x 1155mm 546 x 760 x 1255mm 433 x 638 x 1155mm
Net weight 37Kg 38Kg 15.5Kg 36Kg 35.8Kg 60Kg 39Kg
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