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Do you know Sammic’s YouTube channel?

May 10, 2011 Español  

Every now and then it´s good to remind our readers about the things we are doing that they might find interesting. 

For example, our youtube channel which, far from being new, we now constantly feed with very interesting content.

Sammic’s youtube channel presently shows Sammic’s corporate video in various languages, and two videos shot at chef Martín Berasategui’s kitchen: one shows the processing of fresh potato as an alternative to frozen product using Sammic equipment; the other presents the vacuum packing machines’ range and features. 

In the coming weeks we will publish new videos that we are sure will be very useful both to end users and distributors as an element of demonstration and finally as a selling tool. 

Besides the content that Sammic generates, the channel shows links to our favourite videos, which we consider can be interesting for our readers and followers. 

And of course, we are open to suggestions to improve our channel to better serve our market.  Enjoy!

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