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New Sammic Commercial Salad Spinners

March 18, 2013 Español   Português   Deutsch  

Sammic introduces a new range of professional salad spinners. Sammic salad dryers offer guaranteed top performance without damaging the product, as well as advanced features. This new range consists of 2 models: the ES-100 professional salad dryer has a capacity per load of 6 Kg. and the ES-200 salad spinner up to 12 Kg.

Both models spin all kinds of leaves in a very short period of time thanks to their high speed (up to 900 rpm) without damaging the product. Thanks to this speed, Sammic salad spinners are the only ones in the market that reach an hourly production of up to 720 Kg.

Commercial Salad Spinner

Sammic salad dryers are stailess steel made and are equipped with a lightweight and removable stainless steel basket. Thanks to their compact geometry, they fit easily under conventional standard countertops. They are equipped with castors allowing operator to wheel the unit around the kitchen and under a countertop for easy storage.  

ES-100/200 are complete with a transparent, heavy duty lid for ease of control. The lid is equipped with a self opening mechanism, for ease of access to basket. The user-friendly, waterproof control panel offers advanced features, like an electronic timer with 3 fix cycles; 2 speeds, up to 900 rpm for optimum drying.

Sammic salad spinners are equipped with powerful three-phase motors controlled by highly reliable electronic speed variator, which enables the appliance to be connected to a single-phase electrical mains supply.

Safety features include an automatic weight distribution detection system (VCS) to prevent undesirable rattling of the unit,  a self lock-in mechanism to ensure basket is properly locked in before cycle starts, a braking system safety mechanism allowing the basket to stop turning as soon as lid opens and an acoustic notice of open door that informs if the door is open.

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