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Sammic accessories for combi planetary mixers and potato peelers

January 30, 2014 Italiano   Português   Español   Français  

Today we are going to speak about the attachments for the Sammic potato peelers and planetary mixers. Planetary mixers BE-10C, BE-20C, BE-30C and BE-40C and the aluminum potato peelers PPC-6+ and PPC-12+ are equipped with an attachment drive to power accessories  (located in the aluminum front seen in the image) where you can attach any of the three Sammic accessories mentioned below. 

The potato peelers and combined planetary mixers allow you to obtain an endless variety of dishes and desserts with a single machine. Therefore, it is ideal for establishments with limited space or budget.


  • Cutter-Shredder CR -143 :to cut, grate and chop different food.  It works with discs and grids that can do up to 70 types of different cuts depending on the combination of discs and grids.
  • Masher P-132: allows you to have a homogeneous puree, ideal for boiled potatoes, boiled beans, carrots, fruits and vegetables
  • Mincer HM- 71: to chop small amounts of meat in the best conditions of hygiene. 
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