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Sammic Vacuum Packing machines at Bradgate Park: case study

June 23, 2014

Bradgate Park is an unspoilt, medieval deer park of some 800 acres, with over 400 deer. It’s a beautiful site of historical, geological, archaeological and natural interest, thereby being the largest visitor attraction in Leicestershire (England).

As deer have no natural predators, each year they need to cull between 120-140 deer to maintain the balance and so the deer do not outstrip the capacity of the Park.  They used to sell the whole carcasses to the game dealer but they wanted a better return on their dealer investment. That being the reason of deciding to butcher on site using The Sammic Vacuum Packing Machine for packaging the cuts of deer and selling them to the catering trade and members of public.

Bradgate Park has used the Sammic SV-410T Vacuum Packer since September 2013. And it is proving to be an important part of their business.

Jason Bonney, one of the Park’s Rangers highlights its main benefits; It’s easy to clean and its size makes it very versatile because the internal capacity is much bigger compared to the space it takes up on the shelf, which is good, as we don’t have much space!  We can vac pac a burger in 11 seconds and a whole joint only takes 30seconds.  It can also handle a red deer haunch, which weighs in at anything up to 8kg. The Samic Packing machine enables us to present our meat in a very professional way”.

Vacuum packing decreases bacterial growth, extending the life of fresh meat, and when freezing, enables optimum conditions as there is no transfer of moisture between the product and the environment.

As well as being delicious and versatile, venison is low in fat and therefore one of the healthiest of meats to eat.Bradgate Park venison comes from animals that have enjoyed extensive, free range grazing on grass that is not treated with artificial fertilisers or chemical sprays and with the ability to vac pac, the Park can offer its venison to a much wider audience and ensure that it arrives in the best possible condition; something that the rangers are passionate about as they really do care about their deer ‘from Park to plate’

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