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Sammic Vacuum Sealer SV-204T, how do we change the oil?

May 6, 2014 Español   Português   Italiano   Français  

In a previous post we explained to our customers when and how the Vacuum Packing Machines need to have the oil changed. For this post we will show you how to replace the oil in the vacuum sealer SV-204T. 

This model has a pump size of 4m3 and it's located in the back side of the machine. It uses SAE-10 detergent free oil and we recommend to change it after 150 working hours. When the pump has been operating during the hours indicated, when switching on the machine the display will show "oil" and this will flash for 10 seconds to warn that the oil must be replaced. The oil must also be replaced each time it is found to be emulsified.

To replace oil, we recommend emptying it when the machine is hot. Follow the instructions given in the images below:

1. Open the lid that gives access to the motor.

2. Drain motor of all oil by removing the lower screw.
3. Fill in with oil through the upper screw until the maximum level is reached. 





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