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Sammic ware-washers: power and performance

April 22, 2015 Français   Italiano   Español   Português   Deutsch  

Sammic manufactures and offers pot-washers of different capacities. Thanks to their power and high pressure, all Sammic utensil washers are ideal to wash big-sized pots and wares in restaurantes, ice-cream shops, patisseries and bakeris, butcheries, etc. 

Their robust stainless steel, double-skinned construction guarantee silent working and a reduction of thermal dispersions.

The door is divided in two parts and is perfectly counterbalanced, easy to handle and with double-skinned lower section. The stainless steel, robust, extractable tray makes it easier to load and unload the pots and wares. The door is also equipped with a safety micro switch.

The wash tank, without corners, prevents  dirt accumulation . The easy-to-remove stamped wash dispersers are manufectured in premuim quality stainless steel tubes.

All the models are complete with rinse boiler and booster pump.

Sammic SU utensil washers are equipped with an electronic control panel with LED's showing their status as well as wash and rinse temperatures. The included Thermal Cycle Delay Option guarantees a minumum rinsing temperature of 85ºC at the beginning of the cycle.

All models are delivered complete with 1 stainless steel basket and insert for 4 trays.

B models are equipped with drain pump and non-return valve.

As optional accessories, stainless steel cones, detergend and rinse aid dosing kits and additional baskets and inserts for trays are available. 

High resolution pictures: SU-600 / SU-750

Spec sheets: SU-600 / SU-750

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