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Steam condenser: energy saving and less waste water

February 23, 2016 Español   Português   Français   Italiano   Deutsch  

In a previous post we explained the different extraction systems for the steam generated by the Rack conveyor dishwashers. This time, we will show you the estimated saving that the installation of an CV Extraction hood with steam condensation involves, specially designed for installations that cannot to extract the fumes outdoor.


The CV Extraction hood with steam condensation allows you to save energy and to recover a big percentage of water destined for steam condensation, this system allows you to increase water inlet temperature and send it to the rinsing circuit. The water temperature at this stage on a standard Rac conveyor would be (10ºC-15ºC) with the steam condensor introducing the water at 35ºC-40ºC, it means great cost savings with energy and water consumption.

Result: energy saving and less waste water.


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