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Hostelco 2016: Sensor and Sensor Ultra, the new Vacuum Packing Machines

October 18, 2016 Español   Français   Italiano   Deutsch   Português  

Sensor and Sensor Ultra, the new Sammic packing machines, available on HOSTELCO 2016


The main new development in the new lines of Sammic vacuum packing machines is that the starter range is equipped with a high precision sensor, offering accurate, consistent results at all times, regardless of the variations in the amounts of a product to package, and safety when packaging liquids. This this leads to better reliability in the conservation of the product.

All the new Sammic vacuum packing machines have a Busch vacuum pump, double welding and cordless sealing bar, making it easier to clean the chamber. This chamber is deep-drawn in the series 200/300/400, and stainless steel in all models.

The packing machines in the SENSOR range have a progressive atmosphere through pulse decompression that prevents damage to the product, as well as a “pause” button for marinating foods.

The SENSOR ULTRA range has, in addition to the features shared by both ranges, a 3.9” colour LCD screen that displays all of the information at a glance and a backlit touch keypad. The decompression is gradual, offering even greater safety in the care of the foods. A program of vacuum by stages, a 25-program memory with optional locking and detection of liquid evaporation are added values exclusive to this range, which has a wide range of options including: inert gas injection system, welding plus for metal bags, label printing system for product traceability, label printer, Wireless connectivity with custom app for entering text and programming using mobile devices.

The new lines of Sammic packing machines will be available in early 2017.

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