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Dishwashers X-50 and S-50: multi-phase and multi-power

April 19, 2017 Español   Français   Italiano   Português   Deutsch  

In response to the market requirements, we have adapted our professional front-loading dishwashers X-50 and S-50. Thus, from now on these models will be multi-power: connected to single phase current, they provide a rinsing power of 3,000 W and with three phase this power rises to 4,500 W.


This makes our dishwashers more versatile and multi-purpose. The X-50 and S-50 have 3 wash cycles, a display showing the wash and rinse temperatures, and are equipped with option of thermal shutdown. In addition, they are multi-phase dishwashers, and can be connected to 230V/50Hz/1~ (by default), 400V/50Hz/3N or 230V/50Hz/3~.

Both the X-50 and the S-50 are available with drain pumps and/or descalers.


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