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LU-60/LU-75 utensil washer: shorter cycles with more power

May 3, 2017 Español   Português   Français   Deutsch   Italiano  

The SU-600 utensil washer has now been renamed LU-60 and the SU-750 will now be the LU-75. They both have shorter cycles, with more boiler power and more production capacity of baskets per hour.

Completely made of stainless steel and and with a 650 mm useful height, the LU-60 and LU-75 are ideal for washing large utensils. Both have three wash cycles that have been significantly reduced. Specifically, the cycles are now 120, 240 and 360 minutes in both cases.  In addition, they come with more boiler power: the power of the LU-60 is increased from 6,000 W to 9,000 W and the LU-75 from 9,000 W to 10,500 W. The two models also have greater production capacity of baskets per hour: 30, 15 and 10 baskets per hour respectively in each cycle. 

Further information:

LU-60 utensil washer

LU-75 utensil washer

Download the high resolution LU-60 image

Download the high resolution LU-75 image

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