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Pette and Jovanović new "Ambassadors Chefs of Sammic"

February 8, 2018 Español  

We are receiving many visits from all around the world at Sammic headquarters. Every month we have visits from distributors, suppliers or/and end users who want to know our factory and our products close-up. Following this line, this week we have received a very special visit from Croatia. Our rep the chef Giuseppe Pette and his partner, the well-known chef of Masterchef Croatia, Dragan Jovanović came to Azkoitia.  

The last two days they had the opportunity to visit our manufacturing facilities and learn more about the products and specially about our SmartVide sous-vide cookers. They have been able to know our factory and our offices, but, above all, they had the opportunity to exchange experiences and knowledge with our corporate chef Enrique Fleischmann. They went deeper into the sous-vide cooking and received a small training from Fleischmann's Cooking Group. And, as could not be otherwise, they have shared the kitchen and prepared a delicious recipe that we will show you soon!

In addition, during the visit, Jovanović and Pette received the diploma " Ambassadors Chefs of Sammic" that accredits them as official partners of Sammic. With this certificate, Sammic wants to thank its collaborator chefs for their work and dedication to help spread Sammic brand and for adding value to the brand. Soon, we will expand the information about the "Ambassadors Chefs of Sammic ".

Thank you very much Pette and Jovanović for your visit! See you soon!

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