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Kitchen Bridge Ambassador Program: thank you!

June 18, 2018 Português   Français   Italiano   Español  

Last week we had the chance to welcome 3 renowned chefs from the USA, Josiah Citrin, Paul Kahan and Ilan Hall who, together with a few foodservice industry consultants and reps, accepted to participate in the first edition of KitchenBridge Ambassador Chef Program. The program, organized between charcoal oven manufacturer Mibrasa and Sammic, consisted of a culinary stay in Catalonia and the Basque Country. Sammic organized the stay in the Basque Country, specifically in San Sebastian and Urola Kosta areas.

Sammic HQ. Azkoitia. Chef's Services by Sammic. Sammic HQ.

During 3 intense days, the participants had lunch in a typical Basque gastronomic society, attended a pintxo workshop at Matalauva pintxo bar, dined at 3-Michelin-Star Martin Berasategui restaurant, visited fish and farmers' market La Bretxa, got to know Sammic headquarters in Azkoitiia, visited Basque Culinary Center, the most important culinary university in the Basque Country, went to see Chef Karlos Arguiñano's K-5 txakoli winery, had the best turbot of their lives at our corporate chef's Txoko Getaria restaurant, took a tour at molluscs and crustaceans producer Viveros San Anton, attended a anchovy preservation workshop at Conservas Maisor... and more. 

Basazabal Gastronomic Society  Pintxo Workshop at Matalauva

Martin Berasategui Restaurant  La Bretxa fish market 

Basque Culinary Center K-5 txakoli winery Preparing Charcoal Grilled Turbot at Txoko Getaria

Viveros San Anton Anchovy workshop at Maisor

From these lines, we would like to say THANK YOU to all the participants who spent their valuable time learning and experiencing Basque culinary culture. In the coming weeks, we will share more detailed content related to this incredible experience.

Stay tuned!

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