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Lizarazu: 'Hotels or catering establishments of all types may need a salad spinner'

May 20, 2020 Español   Français   Português   Deutsch   Italiano  


For many years now, Sammic has been manufacturing high performance professional salad spinners with very advanced features. The machines are built in stainless steel with the slogan "maximum productivity, minimum vibration". We've been talking to Tomas Lizarazu, one of the engineers at Sammic responsible for this line of products, to find out more.

  1. If I'm not mistaken, you have two models of salad spinner with different capacities. What sort of capacities or throughputs are we talking about?

Yes, we have two models of salad spinner: ES-100 and ES-200. Both models have high speed (900rpm) and productivity.The smallest can drain up to 6 kg of leaves and light vegetables in each operation. That is, it can drain up to 360 kg of leaves in an hour. In contrast, the ES-200 achieves twice the output of the smaller machine: a load of 12 kg per cycle or up to 720 kg an hour.   These are very high capacities for a salad spinner that is also as careful as possible with the produce at all times.

In addition to these two machines, we also have a peeler-drainer that can do two functions in one: peel potatoes and drain vegetables. In this case, the drainer's capacity is 2 kg per operation (20 kg/h). This option is very attractive for establishments with limited space.


  1. What kind of establishment buys/needs a salad spinner?

Any type of hotel or catering establishment may need a salad spinner, especially those with a high flow of customers. As our machines have two speeds and three different cycles, they offer great versatility and can adapt to the needs of each particular moment or establishment, so we could say that any type of establishment can use one.


    1. So, any kind of catering establishment.

We also have other types of user. For example, we are working with Mihi Berdea on a collaborative project which is setting up small organic producers of washed and packed vegetables to supply the hotel and catering industry (Horeca). The project also aims to integrate people with mental health problems into society. The team responsible for this project chose the ES-200 salad spinner to play a central role, since, as well as having a high production capacity, this machine is very intuitive and easy to use. That means anyone can work with it. That's what we wanted, to create a machine which offers great performance, but is easy to use.


  1. From what you say, the user experience is important to you.

Yes, of course. We are aware that the user wants a good machine that is not too complicated to use. That's why our machines have a very easy to use, very intuitive control panel. In addition, the machine includes a removable draining basket. This makes it very easy to fill/empty the basket and to transport the product. Most importantly, our spinners are equipped with wheels as standard and were introduced onto the market with a significant innovation: the machine doesn't need to be fixed to the floor to stop it moving. Just activate the wheel brake.


  1. Can you explain that to me?

Sammic's spinners work on the flexible-shaft principle, which dramatically reduces machine vibrations without compromising performance. Thus, with just the wheel brake, the machine delivers maximum performance with minimum vibrations. Thanks to the wheels, the user can easily move the machine for cleaning or for storage; it fits under any standard counter. 

See the video from minute 3’20’’.


  1. Another important point that we continually see in Sammic's machines is safety.

That's right. We always try to imagine ourselves in the position of the person who has to use the machine. And, of course, in addition to quality and ease of use, safety is another of the most important aspects. As usual, these machines have several safety measures. For example, before the start of the cycle, the basket is automatically secured or locked to the axis. In addition, the screen has visual and acoustic warnings for poorly distributed loads or detection of faults. The lid also has safety features and the motor is equipped with a brake, which makes the machine stop immediately if the lid is opened.


  1. Finally, when we talk about a salad spinner, what other produce can be drained apart from lettuce?

In addition to lettuce, you can drain all kinds of leaves and light vegetables such as low-density vegetables like peppers, chillies, cut potato for frying... For example, we have a user who sells French fries. They peel and cut the potatoes, keep them in water and then drain them before frying. They've adapted their work system to use the peeler and cutter in the preparation phase and the spinner and fryer in the finishing phase.

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