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Smart vacuum packing: 8 advanced features of Sammic packing machines

October 14, 2020 Español   Français   Italiano   Deutsch   Português  

Sammic has two lines of vacuum packing machines: SENSOR (SE) and SENSOR ULTRA (SU). Both ranges are equipped with a high-precision sensor that ensures accurate and consistent results. But what innovative features do these vacuum machines offer? Here are 8 reasons why these machines are indispensable tools in today's kitchens.


1. Sensor control: the right vacuum level for a perfect result

Normally, when we talk about vacuum packing machines, we talk about two cycle-control systems: time control and sensor control. In machines with cycles controlled by time, the pump creates the vacuum in the chamber during the time preset by the user. By contrast, in models with a sensor the pump creates the vacuum in the chamber until it reaches the vacuum percentage set by the user.

 There are three main advantages of the sensor-controlled vacuum packing cycle:

- Guaranteed uniform results. The pump creates a vacuum until the desired percentage of vacuum is reached, no matter how much product is in the chamber.

- Better control when packing liquids.

- Optimised working times. Sensor control optimises working times, preventing the pump from running after the desired vacuum has been reached in the chamber.

2. Controlled decompression: ideal for handling delicate products

When vacuum packing food, decompression (or the entry of air into the chamber after the bag has been sealed) is a critical moment as the surge of air returning to the chamber can push the bag too hard onto the product. To control this, the SE packing machines have impulse-controlled decompression. That is, the air that comes back into the chamber does so gradually. In addition, the Sensor Ultra range of packing machines goes one step further. They have a soft air inlet valve into the chamber for progressive decompression.

Both methods prevent perforating the vacuum bag where the products have sharp edges, thus guaranteeing optimum conservation of the product.

3. Vacuum plus: especially useful for vacuum cooking

If a vacuum of 99% has been selected, up to 10" more vacuum can be programmed into our machines. This "Vacuum PLUS" feature allows the maximum amount of air to be extracted from the main ingredient. This function is ideal for vacuum cooking, as there will be no air inside the bag during cooking.  Thus, a higher product shelf-life is achieved along with more precise and uniform cooking of the product.

4. Vac-Norm: guaranteed results when vacuum packing in containers

Both the SE and SU packing machines allow packing in special external gastronorm containers. This is achieved thanks to the high-precision sensor built into the machines. In addition, once the vacuum cycle has finished, the tube is released from the container automatically thanks to the automatic decompression. This avoids both having to "pull" the tube from the machine and the risk of moving the valve at the container, spoiling the vacuum.

5. Staged vacuum: particularly useful for soft, porous products and delicate products

The Sensor Ultra range incorporates a special staged vacuum programme that pauses several times during the vacuum process before reaching the final programmed vacuum level. This programme helps to achieve a 99% vacuum more smoothly and gently for ingredients such as cheeses, hams and seafood. Therefore, elements which contain fat lose less of that fat during the vacuum process and, in this way, they maintain a maximum quantity of organoleptic qualities. It is ideal for improving the subsequent conservation of the ingredients. This system also allows us to macerate, cure and soften meats using the vacuum. On SE packing machines, a staged vacuum can be achieved by using the "Pause" system.

6. Liquid control system: avoiding liquid overflows in the chamber

As mentioned in point 1, when packing a liquid in a vacuum the atmospheric pressure inside the chamber is reduced which causes the product to boil, causing the liquid to overflow. To avoid this, SU packing machines are equipped with a new evaporation point detection system. Thanks to this system, when the user is packing a liquid such as sauces, soups, fruit, or red meat, and the product reaches the evaporation point, the vacuum process stops automatically. This prevents liquids from overflowing in the chamber and guarantees the maximum vacuum possible for each product.

7. Direct label printing: no additional equipment required on the SU packing machine

SU packing machines have optional Wireless connectivity and printer connection. This connectivity enables the printer to be controlled from a mobile device using a free application. Thanks to this application, you can create vacuum programs with preset values and assign a name and a label to each of them.

8. Sammic VAC: control your SU packing machine from your smartphone

As indicated in the previous point, Sensor Ultra machines with printing and connectivity options can be controlled via a smartphone thanks to Wireless connectivity and a mobile application; in particular, the Sammic VAC app. This is a very intuitive and accessible app for any type of user and allows, among many other things, easy management of the packing machine's programmes.

And also...

Did you know that with Sammic's vacuum packing machines it is possible to pack food in glass jars?

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