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What cuts can I make with my veg prep machine?

January 25, 2023 Español   Français   Italiano   Português   Deutsch  

We receive many questions about the different types of cuts that we can achieve with our CA vegetable preparation machines. To answer this type of question we consult our cutting guide, where users can see the different types of cuts they can obtain with the discs in our catalogue. In this post you can find a short summary of the discs and cuts that we offer for the Heavy Duty line. Do you want to know how to cut cubes or create chips? Carry on reading!

1. How to create slices : FC discs

 FC-1+  1 mm  1/32"

See video

 FC-2+  2 mm  5/64"
 FC-3D  3 mm  1/8"
 FC-6D  6 mm  1/4"
 FC-8D  8 mm  5/16"
 FC-10D  10 mm  3/8"
 FC-14D  14 mm  15/32"
 FC-20+  20 mm  3/4"
 FC-25+  25 mm  1"

2. How to cut soft produce into slices : FCC Discs

 FCC-2+  2 mm  5/64"

See video

 FCC-3+  3 mm  1/8"
 FCC-5+  5 mm  3/16"

3. How to create cubes or diced products : FC Discs with FMC grids

 FC-8D & FMC-8D  8x8 mm  5/16"x5/16"

See video

 FC-10D & FMC-10D  10x10 mm  3/8"x3/8"
 FC-14D & FMC-14D  14x14 mm  15/32"x15/32"
 FC-20+ & FMC-20+  20x20 mm  3/4"x3/4"
 FC-25+ & FMC-25+  25x25 mm  1"x1"

4. How to produce french fries : FC dicsc with FFC grids

 FC-8D & FFC-8+  8x8 mm  5/16"x5/16"

See video

 FC-10D & FFC-10+  10x10 mm  3/8"x3/8"

5. How to create wavy slices:  FCO discs

 FCO-2+  2 mm  5/64"

See video

 FCO-3+  3 mm  1/8"
 FCO-6+  6 mm  1/4"

6. How to produce strips or batons:  FCE discs

 FCE-2+  2 mm  5/64"

See video

 FCE-4+  4 mm  5/32"
 FCE-8+  8 mm  5/16"

7. How to grate: SH discs

 SH-2  2 mm  5/64"

See video

 SH-3  3 mm  1/8"
 SH-4  4 mm  5/32"
 SH-6  6 mm  1/4"
 SH-7  7 mm  9/32"
 SHF  Fine pouder  
 SHG  Coarse pouder  


If you want to know more about special cuts, we recommend that you consult our cutting guide. In addition, if you want to cut a different product and you are not sure what disc to use, please contact our specialists who will be able to answer your questions.

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