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New glasswashers with constant temperature: guarantee of flawless results

January 31, 2023 Español   Français   Italiano   Português   Deutsch  

To meet the needs of our most demanding users, we have expanded our range of UX-40 glasswasher models. From now on, establishments looking for the best possible solution for washing all kinds of glasses can opt for constant-temperature glasswasher models.

Constant-temperature glasswashers meet the requirements of the highest possible standards, leaving glasses sparkling clean, guaranteeing hygiene and effective disinfection along with flawless finishes. In addition, this system improves the drying time for glasses.

Our systems and options also further improve the sanitisation and disinfection of the washed items, complying with the most demanding certificates. These new glasswashers have a Thermolabel control, which guarantees the disinfection process, heating the water to the temperature needed to eliminate germs.

These special compact models, which meet the most demanding requirements, allow you to activate soft start, which results in the gradual start up of the washing pump to protect fragile or delicate items. 

Main features of the glasswashers with a constant-temperature rinse system

This system guarantees perfect washing results thanks to two essential factors:

  1. The rinsing process is performed at a constant temperature, from start to finish, which allows it to maintain the chosen temperature throughout the entire rinsing process rather than just at the start of the cycle. 
  2. The system has a pressure pump to spray the rinsing water, guaranteeing the right pressure that allows us to effectively rinse the surface of the items, regardless of the mains water pressure. 

With the precise temperature, which can be controlled at all times through the temperature display, and the right pressure, the most demanding of establishments can enjoy guaranteed results from the perfect wash which meets the highest standards in cleanliness, hygiene, sanitation and quality.

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