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Sammic commercial meat mincers: performance and reliability

July 16, 2013 Português   Français   Español   Italiano  

Did you know Sammic offers a wide range of commercial meat grinders

Sammic commercial meat mincers, with stainless steel body and hopper, are equipped with mincing head blockage, which ensures a perfect cut, as well as a sturdy and ventilated motor. Thanks to this, Sammic commercial meat mincers are the right choice for foodservice and food industry in general. PS-12 Meat GrinderPS-12 meat grinder, with an hourly output of up to 100 Kg, is equipped with a high quality aluminium cutting unit.  

PS-32 Meat Grinder

PS-22 and PS-32 meat mincers are available with a grinding head in stainless steel or in alimentary anodic aluminium. In the stainless steel models, there is the possibility of fitting Unger S-3 system. This means that these models not only offer high productivity (up to 280 Kg./h in PS-22 and up to 425 Kg./h. in PS-32) but also the possibility of combining each motor unit with the most suitable cutting unit for the specific needs of each user (Entreprise in aluminium, Entreprise in stainless steel, Unger in stainless steel).

Sammic meat mincers are equipped with 6mm. mesh plates, but as optional accessories other mesures are also available. This makes it possible to adapt the meat mincer to each user's needs.  

PS-32R Refrigerated Meat Grinder

In an effort to offer complete solutions, Sammic also offers refrigerated meat grinder PS-22R and PS-32R

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