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New generation of blast chillers

April 23, 2015 Español   Português   Français   Deutsch  

Blast chilling allows to chill and/or freeze food quickly, thus minimizing the time of maximum bacterial prolifesation and improving food preservation. When shock freezing, the process avoids the formation of macro-crystal, keeping the quality of the product intact. 


Blast chillers are ideal when cooking products that will be served later. Therefore, they are indispensable in any well-organized commercial kitchen.

Samic has updated their range of blast chillers / chock freezers according to market needs. We now offer 6 models of blast chillers, with capacity between  3 x GN 2/3 trays (AB-3 2/3 blast chiller) up to 15 x GN 2/1 (AB-15/2 blast chiller). Additionally, it is possible to supply models with remote engine, models for oven trolleys, etc. fitting our offer to each user's specific needs.


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