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HHR System: Constant Rinse Temperature System

June 13, 2013 Português   Italiano   Español  

Constant temperature rinsing system in commercial dishwashers not only guarantees hygienic sanitized results in hospitals, clinics, nurseries, laboratories, etc. but also makes them ideal  for glassware washing in the hotel & leisure industry. 

Sammic's HHR (Hygienic Hot Rinse) system guarantees perfect hygiene in ware washing, as it “pulls” rather than “pushes” rinsing water through the booster pump, without depending on the mains pressure and protecting against any mix with incoming cold water. HHR supplies clean water at over 85ºC during the whole cycle, complying with the most demanding hygiene requirements and giving unparalelled brightness to glassware.

Constant Rinse Temperature System is available in Sammic X-TRA and SUPRA commercial dishwashers: in front loading X-60 and S-60 models, as well as hood type X-100C/X-120C, S-100C/S-120C models. In front loading models, models with and without drain pump are available, whilst all hood type models with HHR system are equipped with a drain pump with non-return valve. 

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